New workshops in Barcelona and London. Join us!

Kubernetes Hands-on Workshops

Kubernetes 101 with Nigel Poulton and Mislav Stipetić

We're joining Pontet DevOps to run an introductory workshop to Kubernetes. More info coming soon!
WeWork, Eastcheap London @ CNCF London to present at CNCF London. More info coming soon!
London, TBD

Private Kubernetes workshop at Antai vb

Introduction to Kubernetes for Antai vb
Barcelona, Antai vb

Kubernetes 101 on real infra

Barcelona - ERNI, Plaça Catalonia

Kubernetes workshop at CNCF Berlin

Hands-on introduction to Kubernetes and its concepts at CNCF Berlin,
Berlin -

Private Kubernetes Workshop at BinckBank

Private Kubernetes workshop at BinckBank.
Amsterdam - BinckBank

Kubernetes Pill: short workshop to visualize concepts

Short workshop to show the basic concepts needed to understand Kubernetes in a very visual way.
Munich - Oracle

Kubernetes 101 with Nigel Poulton at KubeCon

If you need to get your head around Kubernetes and want to get your hands dirty deploying and managing an app on a real Kubernetes cluster… this workshop is for you!
Kubecon: San Diego, California

Kubernetes on real infra: typical challenges

Some challenges on how to overcome them: assembling clusters on demand from pools of worker and master nodes; networking issues; supporting real LoadBalancer services and Persistent Volumes.
B! Amsterdam - IBM

Zero downtime deployments in Kubernetes

Session to cover several strategies to manage deployments on k8s and powerful k8s mechanisms to deploy running containers on your cluster.

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What you’ll get:

MSB CTO Mislav Stipetic will give a workshop on Kubernetes using the MSB platform
All attendees will get access the MSB training platform to get hands-on k8s experience

What you bring:

All attendees will get access the MSB training platform to get hands-on k8s experience

Our trainers

Mislav Stipetić
CTO & Co-founder of MSB
Mislav Stipetić, CTO at - Mislav Stipetić comes from Croatia and studied Computer Science in Zagreb. Always hacking projects on the side, one of them landed him a speaker slot at the EuroPython in Berlin. He joined Delivery Hero as an infrastructure engineer and then joined the AI/data science team at Flixbus where he worked on the pricing engine (that now sets bus prices across Europe and the US). His most recent role was at Infarm where he was a Tech Lead running IoT. In 2018 he got into EF, a venture builder, where he co-founded Magic Sandbox.
Nigel Poluton
Author of The Kubernetes Book & Docker Deep Dive
Nigel Poulton, Head of Content at - Nigel is a self confessed technology addict who is hell-bent on creating the best Kubernetes and cloud learning resources on the planet. He's the author of over 16 video training courses at Pluralsight, as well as more at A Cloud Guru, Udemy and more... He's active on Twitter, creates weekly and monthly Kubernetes videos on YouTube, and his website is the best place for links to learn about Kubernetes. When he's not rocking it with Kubernetes, he likes cars and football.
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