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MSB offers a guided, hands-on approach to make your IT team self-sufficient with Kubernetes.

Successful Kubernetes Journey

The inability to scale Kubernetes expertise across your engineering team can block your organisation and slow down or derail a Kubernetes transformation.

The k8s Challenge

Scaling technology expertise is extemerly hard. Most Kubernetes transitions fail due to a lack of effective developer on-boarding and/or effective training.

Team Tracking

Manage and tailor your team's learning experience.
Follow along, track progress and get performance insights.

MSB Workshops

MSB Workshops is great for trainers and speakers who seek to take their workshop, keynote or lab session to the next level.

On-boarding Tracks

On-board (new) engineers to specific Kubernetes topics or classes by setting up On-boarding Tracks. Ramp up teams onto Kubernetes faster and monitor progress as a manager.

Interviewing Sandbox

Conducting technical interviews is a very time consuming activity for hiring managers. With the MSB Interviewing Sandbox hiring managers can pre-configure Kubernetes challenges and save time by outsourcing the technical screening.

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