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This set of classes brings you up-to-speed with Kubernetes Namespaces. You'll learn what they are, how they work, and what they should and should not be used for. And of course, you'll perform hands-on tasks creating and managing them.

Classes in that topic

Intro to Namespaces

In this set of classes you'll learn what a Kubernetes Namespace is and what it's useful for. You'll also create one and see how to use it.

Built-in Namespaces

In this class, you'll learn about the built-in Namespaces that come with every Kubernetes cluster. You'll also learn how to list Namespaces.

Kubernetes Namespaces and Security

In this class you'll learn what Kubernetes Namespaces can and cannot do.

Creating Namespaces

In this class, you'll use the imperative and declarative methods to create two new Namespaces. You'll also update a Namespace to add a label.

Deploying to Namespaces

In this class, you'll see ways to deploy Kubernetes objects (application components) to the particular Namespaces.

Namespaces and DNS Names

In this class you'll see what impact Namespaces have on the DNS address space of a Kubernetes cluster.

Configuring kubectl contexts

In this class, you'll learn about the kubeconfig file and how to configure your kubectl environment to talk to multiple different clusters and Namespaces.

Deleting Namespaces

In this class, you'll see how to delete Namespaces and learn what happens behind the scenes.