Labels and selectors

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Labels are the unsung hero of Kubernetes. In this set of classes, you'll see how labels and label selectors are used to dynamically associate objects and application components.

Classes in that topic

Introduction to labels and selectors

This class introduces you to the concept of labels and selectors.

The mighty label

In this set of classes, you'll learn the fundamentals of labels and see how you can use them with `kubectl`, and add them to objects you deploy. You'll also see how the Kubernetes control plane sometimes adds labels to objects for internal house-keeping

Deployments and managed Pods

In this set of classes, you'll learn how Kubernetes Deployment objects leverage labels and selectors to deploy and manage sets of Pods.

Label selectors

In this set of classes, you'll learn how learn more about how label selectors work, including the differences between equality-based selectors and set-based selectors.

Targeted Pod scheduling

In this set of classes you'll learn how to use node labels and `nodeSelectors` to influence which nodes your Pods are scheduled to.