cloud Native

MSB offers full-stack cloud education, offering a hands on Kubernetes learning platform and an intensive DevOps bootcamp designed to train whole teams by building real projects.

Magic Sandbox platform

A hands-on learning environment for Kubernetes

Learn by doing

We believe online learning can be better. MSB gets you a real Kubernetes cluster in seconds, and will guide you through a series of tasks to a Kubernetes expert level.

MSB clusters are as close to production grade as possible, supporting LoadBalancer services, Persistent Volumes, service meshes and more. Feel free to break stuff!

Built for learning

MSB is built from the ground up to teach you Kubernetes. You'll have a real cluster, a full IDE environment and a series of lessons developed by Nigel Poulton, the author of "The Kubernetes book"

A live visualisation of your cluster is there to explain everything that's going on on your cluster and help you connect the dots







Cloud-native company transformation

Trainer led internal company bootcamps

Designed for teams

We believe your best tools are your people. Our company internal bootcamp has been used in both fast growing startups and large enterprises to upskill whole teams by building real projects

Over a series of several intense days, our bootcamp will transform your teams into experienced Kubernetes practitioners, able to deploy and maintain (micro-)service solutions

Unlock your cloud transition

40% of companies cite lack of internal skills as their main impediment to successful cloud adoption.

Our bootcamp will ensure real practical skills are transferred to your teams.

We cover all major topics of running a cloud native application - deployment and self healing, networking, persistence and monitoring and maintenance.