by doing

Magic Sandbox transforms people and organisations to Cloud-native

We believe technology allows

us to reinvent how

software engineers learn

Hands-on learning

Engineers learn best by trying things out. Our entire platform is built to facilitate breaking things and learning by doing.

Interactive environment

Modern browser technology allows us to build custom guided experiences which facilitate learning

Real infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure allows us to deploy disposable environments preloaded with content meant for teaching

Real world scenarios

There is no need to limit ourselves to "Hello, world!" examples when working on real infrastructure

The Magic Sandbox

A learning environment built from the ground up to teach you Kubernetes

Real cluster

Full IDE

Custom visualization

100+ tasks

Content by Nigel Poulton


DevOps Bootcamp

Building company-internal Cloud-native expertise in several intense days

Real world projects

Expert level guidance

In-person or remote

Built for teams

Tailored to you


Learn more about Cloud-native

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"...somehow Kubernetes should have the mandate of being easy, and it never said it should."

Anthos - Kubernetes on Steroids

Jamie Duncan @Google

"...in the end it all comes down to financials"

In love with CI/CD

Hessel Bakker @Gedge